Ambassador Application for Fall 2020


    The Mission of DSU Ambassadors is three fold:

    1. Sustain institutional growth and influence
    2. Cultivate confident and prepared young professionals
    3. Build complete individuals with positive influence

    Ambassador Creed:

    I do not seek to passively exist, but to actively live, learn, and connect with others. Therefore, I volunteered and was selected to join a prestigious family of other high-achieving individuals.

    I chose to accept this great opportunity. I am compensated for my time, but the savor of service and a life of purpose is compensation enough.

    I am a leader. I know that to lead is to serve; and in whatever capacity I serve, I lead. Love is my motivation.

    I am at all times the ideal representative, in word and action, of my university, my fellow ambassadors, my family at home, and my self. I am the integrity of what and who I represent.

    I take extreme ownership over everything in my world. I blame no one; I’m entitled to nothing. I embrace my failures, learn from them, and boldly move past them. Success happens because I make it happen.

    I am a complete individual. No one enjoys life, nor lives it to the fullest more than me.

    For I am a Dixie State Ambassador; I’m ALL IN!

    Ambassador Ethos:

    1. Be All In
    2. Have a Commitment to Excellence
    3. Trust The Process
    4. Exhibit Extreme Ownership
    5. Be Coachable
    6. Have Fun



    To be fully considered, applications must include:

    • Completed application to DSU
    • Completed online Ambassador Scholarship application (see below)
    • Applicants are prepared to attend DSU for two consecutive semesters if selected. (summer semester not included)
    • Applicants, if selected, are prepared to maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA*, as well as 3.0 GPA each semester; all while taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester. 

    Note: only complete applications will be reviewed
    *Other awarded academic scholarship requirements may be considered

    Upload the following Documents

    • 1 page cover letter indicating your desire and qualifications to be a Dixie State University Ambassador.
    • Upload to Vimeo or Youtube. Video must be 3-5 minutes long.  Please be creative and show us who you are and why you want to be an ambassador. 

    The Ambassador Application must be submitted by November 15th for Spring consideration, February 15th for Fall consideration.

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.